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About Ca’ Furlan

Veneto-based wine industry veteran Alessandro Furlan made wine at his family’s vineyard in Friuli, “Franco Furlan,” for years before deciding to start his own label with longtime friend and owner of Regal Wine Imports, Charlie Trivinia. Alessandro’s grandfather started the family tradition of working in the wine business when he worked in retail during WWII. His son, Alessandro’s father, started the “Franco Furlan” wine label in the late 1960s. Alessandro decided to go beyond the family business to chart his own path, and while working as a wine consultant and educator, he saw an opportunity to create his own wine brand. He named it Ca’ Furlan, meaning “House of Furlan” in Italian.

In 2009, the year after Ca’ Furlan debuted, Prosecco was granted the Controlled Designation of Original status to Prosecco DOC. That meant Prosecco could no longer be listed on wine labels outside of the DOC in Veneto, and the grape name was changed back to Glera, its historical name. This gave Veneto control over the Prosecco name, so the wines labeled as such could only be of Prosecco DOC quality.

Sourced from some of the best vineyards in the Prosecco DOC, Alessandro works with local partners to carefully select and blend the wines to maintain a consistent style with fresh flavors for the Ca’ Furlan line of wines. The wine is carefully blended and bottled at a leading Veneto producer’s facility.

The main production facility used to meet the demand for Ca’ Furlan is located in the Montello – Colli Asolani DOC in the province of Treviso, in the foothills of the Veneto region west of the Dolomite mountains and the plain leading to Venice. This area of the Veneto has a temperate climate, and historical records show that vine-growing has taken place here as far back as the period of the Roman Empire.

The wines in the Ca’ Furlan line are named in honor of women in the Furlan and Trivinia families. Cuvee Beatrice is named after Alessandro’s daughter, Beatrice. Moscato Cuvee Adriana is for Alessandro’s wife, Adriana, and Cuvee Mariana is a Trivinia family name.

First imported in 2008 with only a small number of cases, Ca’ Furlan has successfully flourished. In 2016, Ca’ Furlan Prosecco was featured by Alison Napjus of the Wine Spectator as one of the top sparkling wine values for the year and in 2021, Ca’ Furlan Prosecco received a Gold Award from The Fifty Best.

Today, Ca’ Furlan also offers 187ml 3-packs of Cuvee Beatrice, Sparkling Moscato Cuvee Adriana, and the newly demarcated Prosecco Rose DOC.

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