Popping Off: The Most Popular Prosecco Brands Of 2017


It’s the bubbliest time of the year. While there are many options out there for sparkling wine, Prosecco is among the most pervasive. In fact, Prosecco sales are currently outpacing all other sparkling wines worldwide. It makes sense — Prosecco is often incredibly affordable, clean, and easy-drinking, making it perfect for solo sipping, boozy brunches, and holiday toasts alike.

We compiled a list of the top Prosecco brands of 2017 based on search frequency around the world as reported by Wine-Searcher so that you’ll be ready to tackle the final weeks of the year in full force. Who knows? Your new favorites might carry you into 2018 as well.


An abbreviation for “Casa Furlan,” Ca’ Furlan is known for its cheerful and easy-drinking “‘Cuvée Beatrice” Prosecco.

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