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Ben Nevis

“There are some who would have you believe that there exists a kind of divine secret, a miraculous ingredient or genius behind the manufacture of Scotch Whisky. I however, acknowledge no miracle other than that which is worked when science and nature combine.

The principal ingredients are three, notably water, barley and yeast, with a measure of peat smoke or reek.

Of these there can be no doubt that water is the foremost. On Ben Nevis I was fortunate to find a constant and consistent source of pure clean water in two small lochans.

In order of importance, the second ingredient is barley. This must be clean and plump, fully rounded and quite dry, containing exactly the right amount of protein.

Special distiller’s yeast is the third ingredient. This has the texture of dough or putty and is vital to the process of fermentation. Note: Around the year 2010, Ben Nevis and Benromach were the only malt whisky distilleries in Scotland that were still using brewers yeast for their whisky. Many people claim that brewer’s yeast gives more character to the freshly distilled spirit than distillers yeast. On the other hand, most producers favor distillers yeast for its higher yield.

And fourthly there is peat, which comes to the whisky through the water passing over peat bogs on its way down the mountain, and from the ‘reek’ from the fire lit during the manufacturing process.

Once again, we are fully fortunate in that nature in her magnificence, has created on the hill behind us, an ample supply of peat in our own banks to fuel the fires drying the barley.”

John MacDonald
– 14th June 1827

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Ben Nevis 10 year, 92

The rich sweet maple syrup nose is followed by bitter sweet chocolate and roasted coffee on the palate. Orange rind and espresso notes follow on the long finish. This dram was meant for an after dinner delight especially accompanied by a cigar.

This Ben Nevis was awarded the Monde Selection Trophy of Excellence for winning Gold and Grand Gold Medals three years in a row.

Ben Nevis 10 Year Shelf Talker

McDonald’s Celebrated Traditional Ben Nevis, 92

The Ben Nevis Distillery was founded by Long John McDonald in 1825. The style of this whisky replicates the 1882 bottling from Ben Nevis that became a huge worldwide favorite. Like the 1882 release, this dram is made from peated malted barley from the Moray Firth coastal plains. It is also fermented using a mixture of fresh culture yeast and brewer’s yeast. The result is a whisky that highlights the best features of Highland malts- finesse, elegance, sweet barley notes with a touch of smoky peat.

McDonald’s Celebrated Traditional Ben Nevis Shelf Talker

MacDonald’s Glencoe 8 yr. Malt Whisky, 116

Glencoe is the ancient home of the Macdonald clan, famous for its imposing scenic beauty. Using Ben Nevis malt whisky as a base, other cask strength pure single malt whiskies, with a minimum age of 8 years, are added to make a well-balanced and exciting pure malt whisky blend. This is called a vatted malt. Only 100% malted barley grain is used.

There is nothing held back with this dram. The sweet oak nose is followed by dried fruit (sugared plums) and nut flavors. On the finish, toffee and peat dominate. The finish goes on forever. This “Big Boy” is delicious!

Ben Nevis MacDonald’s Glencoe 8 Year Shelf Talker

Château Du Tariquet Bas-Armagnac

The story of Tariquet involves two world wars, two continents and two bears. During the late 19th century, many French country folk experienced financial hardship and were forced to emigrate. Among their number was a young man, named Artaud. Artaud lived in Ercé in Ariège. The little village is at the foot of the Pyrenees, and there were many mountain bears. Artaud learned bear taming, at which he was particularly adept. With his two bears in tow he left for America. In 1912, Artaud returned to France and happened upon the Tariquet wine estate in Éauze. His meagre savings were not enough to purchase the estate and so he invited his son, Jean-Pierre Artaud who lived in New York, to buy the property with him. As most of the vines had been destroyed by phylloxera, all that was left were seven hectares of vineyards in a sorry state.

With the onset of the First World War, Jean-Pierre returned to France to fight, leaving his wife, Pauline, in New York. After the war, the couple travelled back to France. Upon their return they bore a child, Hélène. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Pyrenees, a Frenchman of Spanish-descent, Pierre Grassa, worked as a laborer. He enrolled with the Joinville battalion and during the Second World, Pierre’s unit was taken captive. Eventually, he escaped and fought with the French Resistance in Éauze. It was here that he met the lovely Hélène. They fell madly in love and painstakingly restored Tariquet. The estate began producing Bas-Armagnac once more. In 1972, with the help of two of his children, Yves and Maïté, Pierre established a company to sell their Armagnacs. The company had received much acclaim and produces a wide range of Bas-Armagnacs.

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Château Du Tariquet 8 Years Old Bas-Armagnac

Produced in France from the Folle Blanche grape, this Armagnac is distilled in an alembic pot still heated by wood. It’s aged for 8 years in lightly toasted French oak barrels where it picks up color and complexity, and bottled at cask strength to preserve its flavors and aromas.

Château Du Tariquet 8 Year Old Bas-Armagnac-ST

Château Du Tariquet 12 Years Old Bas-Armagnac

Produced in France from the Folle Blanche grape. Golden-Yellow with a clean, intense nose expressing softness with vanilla and a pleasant note of cocoa. The esters are subdued, and reveal exotic fragrances when the brandy is exposed to the air. This unusual Bas Armagnac brandies offer a comprehensive and surprising aromatic palette combined with distinctive strength and complexity. In the mouth it is magnificent: round, rich, smooth and fine. Although full, it remains fresh and expressive. An Armagnac that lingers without end and expresses a perfect marriage between fruit and wood. bottled at cask strength to preserve its flavors and aromas.

Château Du Tariquet 12 Year Old Bas-Armagnac-ST

Château Du Tariquet 15 Years Old Bas-Armagnac

Produced in France from the Folle Blanche grape. Very attractive, rich fruity nose with chestnut, ripe fruit and dried apricot and raisin. Equally attractive floral backing with lavender and hint of violet. All repeats in deep rich well-rounded mouth. Good oak contribution with sweet vanilla and hints of cinnamon and ginger. Silky smooth flow and fine texture. Continually evolving flavors lead into big, full fruited finish. bottled at cask strength to preserve its flavors and aromas.

Château Du Tariquet 15 Year Old Bas-Armagnac-ST

Black Maple Hill

Black Maple Hill Oregon Bourbon and Oregon Rye are microdistilled in small batches from the finest locally grown grains using high mountain glacier water. They are a blend of whiskies aged four to five years in new heavily charred American White Oak barrels.


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Oregon Bourbon, 95

The Bourbon has a mash bill of 75% corn and 25% barley. the nose with a whiff of honey and covers the palate with soft orange, ending with a toffee finish.

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Oregon Rye, 95

The Rye’s mash bill is 75% rye and 25% corn. Upon first taste, spice and caramel flavors weave over the palate with the sip finishing with a distinctive ping.

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Batsman Gin 95

This exquisite French is bursting with flavor with the use of ten botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Lemon, Angelica, Orris, Cionnamon Bark, Cassia Bark, Liquorice Root and Nutmeg. The result is a clean, bold Gin with powerful Juniper characters balanced with strong citrus notes. Aromatic, zesty, sophisticated and complex would accurately describe this lovely spirit. 95 Proof

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Meltemi Ouzo Liquor 80

Ouzo is Greece’s national drink and is only made in Greece. This liquor has its base with grapes and is then mixed with herbs and spices, especially anise. Ouzo is typically served as an aperitif. The Mavrakis distilleries were established in 1864 in Argos, Greece. The rich character of this pot distilled Ouzo comes from using natural oils such as Biane and Mastiha of Chios. The lovely aromatics are achieved with the use of premium Anise and Fennel seeds. Please enjoy this superb Ouzo.

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Donaji Mezcal, Oaxaca

Princess Donaji (Grand Soul) was the daughter of an ancient ruler from the Oaxaca area. Using the finest Espadin Agave, Pinas are roasted in an old fashioned conical stone oven and then crushed in a horse drawn stone mill. Fermentation is done in Moctezuma Cypress wood.

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Joven, 80

The Donaji Joven Mezcal is an amazing example of everything that is great about mezcals. This great selection is made using only locally sourced Oaxacan agave and is then distilled in copper stills The result is an elegant crystalline Mezcal with intense, clean, and sophisticated agave flavor, ideal for sipping or mixing.

Donaji Mezcal Joven Shelf Talker

Extra Anejo, 80

The Joven Mezcal is then aged in European oak barrels for 10 years! This creates a Mezcal of distinction, ideal for sipping. Spices leap from the glass along with rich flavors of vanilla, dried fruit, and almonds. The finish is long and smooth. A rare treat!

Donaji Mezcal Extra Anejo Shelf Talker

Noble Dame Calvados

A very straight forward Calvados that over-delivers. Rich apple notes that taste almost like Washington Apple skins, with a nice weight that causes the apple flavor to linger for a bit. Slightly sweet, if you’re looking for a bottle to get you into Calvados or looking for something to cook/bake with, this is your Calvados.

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