Aged in new American oak barrels. Specific barrels, Char #3, are set aside to receive extra time for the Five-Year Bourbon.

Spirit Type


Distilling Process

Distilled using sour mash process which uses material from an older batch of mash to start the fermentation of a new batch, similar to making sourdough bread with a starter. Mash Bill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley. Charcoal filtrated, then chill filtrated. The Bourbon is bottled at full 86 proof.

Alcohol By Volume


Available Sizes (L)


Distribution Area

New Jersey and New York


Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey, a barrel-aged, distilled spirit made primarily from corn. The name ultimately derives from the French Bourbon dynasty, although the precise inspiration for the whiskey's name is uncertain; contenders include Bourbon County in Kentucky and Bourbon Street in New Orelans, both of which are named after the dynasty. Bourbon has been distilled since the 18th century. The name "Bourbon" was not applied until the 1850s, and the Kentucky etymology was not advanced until the 1870s.

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