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2017 marks another new beginning for the Banyan Gewürztraminer. After years of service, Ventana was finally ripped out and we once again moved to a new vineyard. The 2017 is 100% from Rancho Llegado, a vineyard that comprised part of our 2015 wine when yields were very low and Ventana did not produce enough. Like Ventana and typical for the area, wind, fog, and cool temperatures predominate year round. Being farmed by the same person, the Rancho is also carefully farmed to assure the specific ripeness, a balance of sugar, and the acidity, that we are looking for. A long growing season and temperatures that rarely rise above 80˚F create an ideal spot for such an intensely aromatic wine.

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100% Gewurztraminer. Having tried it both ways, we now choose to mechanically harvest versus handpicking. The added skin contact time while in transport to the winery boosts the aromatics and savoriness of the wine. Once at the winery, grapes are pressed then cold settled for 72 hours before the fermentation is allowed to begin. Fermentation this vintage lasted 31 days at 54˚F. Total production 1,641 in 2017.


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Banyan Wines is a father and son project from Somchai and Kenny Likitprakong born out of a mutual passion for wine, their Thai heritage, and an idea to combine the two. They produce appellation-specific California white wines that pair with Asian cuisines. The Banyan philosophy is to use only sustainably and/or organically farmed grapes from vineyards in regions with microclimates ideally suited for the particular variety.