Marina Marcarino


Marina Marcarino


Arneis, Barbera, Nebbiolo


17 ha vineyard. “Punset” derives from piedmontese dialect and has legendary origin: it seems that historically the Count of Neive gave this nickname, which literally means “beautiful hill” or “peak”, to describe his lands emerging from the autumn fog, which he admired from his castle. The vineyards have been owned by the Marcarino family since distant times.

A conscious, demanding choice and immediately regulated with the organic certification. Over the years Marina Marcarino, who is responsible for all production, is finalizing agronomic methods that make minimal use of treatments based on copper and sulfur, preferring biodynamic preparations, and sharing the philosophy of agronomic Manasobu Fukuoka: the “agriculture of not doing." Vineyards are kept totally green and limited use of mechanization in the soil characterizes this farm, perfectly integrating into nature. Through recovering the environment, the ecosystem has been completely rebalanced. Today natural flowering, insects and small wild animals contribute to the fertility of the vineyards.

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About Punset

The farm is located in Neive, in the heart of the Langhe area of Piedmont, on top of a hill that overlooks the historic capital. Punset derives its name from the Piedmontese dialect and has legendary origins: historically, the Counts of Castelborgo would use this pet name, which literally means beautiful hill,” to describe their lands that emerged from the mists of autumn fog and could be admired from their castles.

The company is led today by Marina Marcarino who was destined for the vineyards since childhood. Exuberant, curious, and hyperactive, unable to find any kindergarten teachers brave enough to endure, Marina spent time with her grandmother who chose an unusual way to keep her granddaughter engaged. She lead Marina to the country by opening the doors of a culture linked to the timing and methods of working the earth.

The deep bond with the land was strengthened further in 1982; in the course of university studies Marina was struck by organic farming, where she saw a new and authentic way to work with a deep knowledge that stems from the principles of absolute naturalness and a bond of mutual respect. Despite this, the initial impact of the practices in the vineyard proved to be very tough and the first crop was completely lost. Despite the setback, Marina pushed forward with a strong determination to persevere in her choices.

At the end of the 80s the technical expertise in the field of wine was enhanced thanks to a period of overseas commercial training for Marina. A training that was important for her growth as manager of Punset. The estate, owned by the family for several decades, has remained ancillary to the region of Nieve, thanks to its commitment to assume an identity of its own and a new dignity.


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