Marina Marcarino


Dolcetto d'Alba DOC




The winery grows organically all the vineyards since year 1982. It is certified under UE law and previously under the Italian law since our country got a national regulation. On top of that Punset uses biodynamic methods and since the last 8 years added the Fukuoka theory, called agriculture of not doing.
This theory is based on natural reciprocity and cooperation between different varieties and on the minimal interferences of human hands on the soil.
Of course we don't use herbicides and pesticizes and the all natural chain has been rebuilt with a project of insects and birds repopulation. This took more than 10 years and now the bio system is almost perfect.
All works are done by hand, with exception of spraying in the summer season, to maintain the soil much softer and alive. Of course all vines are pruned by hand and same is for grapes picking.


The soil is a white clay laying on marnal rocks of alluvial origins, with high content of silica.
Our hills are steep, various and laying in est-west exposure. In particular, our vineyard have a southeast exposure, which allows vines to heat slowly, with the rising sun.
The altitude on the sea level is average 400 meters and the Tanaro river is just a few miles from us, giving fresh influence to the region.


Traditional vinification with indigenous yeasts only. Fermentation in cement thanks with floating cap and fulling made by hand during the day. Soft pressing and particular attention on cleanness. Sulfites are added in low quantity before bottling the wine.


This wine ages in cement until summertime, after it is bottled with at least 3 months of bottling aging before being released.


Natural, Vegan

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