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Glera grown along the foothills of Treviso, from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, clay and limestone with yellow-bluish marl and skyblue sandstone

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About Col Vetoraz

When Loris dall’Aqua, leading enologist in this part of Italy and expert on sparkling wines, partnered up with viticulturalist Paolo de Bortoli, an important change was about to take place in Valdobbiadene: for the first time winemaking expertise and grape growing were unified in local ownership . The result expresses itself in the deep understanding and respect of local qualities and a Prosecco that has challenged many Franciacorta and Talento wines on blind tasting panels. Located within Valdobbiadene’s heart of prime vineyards, also know as ‘Cartizze’, Col Vetoraz has set out to define the style of Prosecco with more precision relying entirely on the vinification of the one grape allowed here: Prosecco, now known as Glera. 100% control of the grape growing process allows for a unique approach and selection of the base wine with a particular emphasis on the freshness of fruit. The area has recently been awarded the new DOCG for Prosecco di Valdobbiadene e Conegliano.

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