Marcelino Sabaté and Marcel Sabaté I Coca


Marcel Sabaté


Xarel-lo, Macabeo, Parellada, Trepat, Grenache, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo)


Boja, Calma, Sabaté, Cuitor, Torro, Rigolet

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About Castellroig Finca Sabate i Coca

Unique to the Cava producing region of Penedes, Castellroig represents one of the few 100% family owned, estate run establishments. Father and son, Marcelino Sabaté and Marcel Sabaté I Coca, apply all of their efforts and passion to maintain family tradition while incorporating technological advancements in the cellar. Four generations of organic grape growing with complete respect for the environment and varietals native to the land.
With complete dedication to producing wines reflective of the soil, the concept of ‘Vins de Terrer’ was born. A location 40km south of Barcelona affords a privileged location with a valley protected by mountains and a moderate climate due to the close proximity to the Mediterranean coast. Marine sediment embedded in the soil promotes vines with a longer, slower ripening cycle and added complexity in the grapes. The Sabaté I Coca estate is distributed across 18 terroirs, 62 parcels, and 40 hectares throughout the Valle del Bitlles. Grapes are carefully selected for each bottling and hand harvested from each of these terroirs. Castellroig achieves the ultimate expressions of these different parcels with extra focus on the native Xarel-lo grape. Capable of achieving the greatest aromatics, body, and acidity, Xarel-lo represents the most favorable varietal in the Cava blend.

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