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Michael Pozzan - Highly respected in the world of wine, Michael has been a speaker at University of California, Davis and Golden Gate University in San Francisco and a judge of the prestigious New World Wine Competition as well at the Home Wine Makers of California Competition. Michael has made the study of wine his life, traveling and tasting, and dedicating himself to producing high-quality Napa and Sonoma Valley wines in the Italian style of his heritage: wines of rich fruit, excellent character and exceptional value Molly Lyman - Molly Lippitt Lyman was raised in the Sonoma Valley, where she cultivated an early fascination with wine. Molly has worked under and alongside multiple top echelon winemakers, including Heidi Barrett, Philipe Melka, Mike Hirby, and Julien Fayard. Molly's winemaking past includes positions as Winemaker for Volker Eisele Family Estate, Associate Winemaker at Moone-Tsai Vineyards, and Assistant Winemaker at Paradigm Winery. Additionally, Molly has worked with with Duckhorn Vineyards, Relic Wine Cellars, and Talisman, as well as Whitehaven Vineyards in New Zealand.


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Mourvedre


Select vineyards throughout the Sonoma and Napa valleys

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About Michael Pozzan

Michael’s wine roots trace back to the late 1800’s in Piedmont, Italy where his great grandfather first planted vines. After traveling to America in the early-mid 1900’s, Michael’s grandfather moved to Sonoma where he planted 35 acres of Zinfandel in 1948. Some of these original vines still exist today and can be seen at the end of Pozzan Road in Healdsburg, Sonoma County. Michael grew up spending his summers at his grandparent’s vineyard and it is the foundation from which his passions spawned.

As a young adult, Michael became involved in the California wine industry working for several companies focused on imports and distribution. It wasn’t until 1990 that Michael, with the loving support of his wife Mary Ann, left his sales position to follow his dream of producing his own wine. Displaying a keen pallet and a knack for blending, Michael Pozzan released his first vintage in 1991, consisting of 200 cases. Over the years his success grew as he formed stronger relationships with winemaking peers and growers, giving him the edge in producing fine wines from the most competitive region in the country. Now celebrating over 25 years of production, Michael is joined by his two sons, Dante and Matthew Pozzan, as the family winery looks to continue their passion of producing fine wines with balance and personality.

The winery produces six distinct and individual labels: Michael Pozzan, Annabella, Dante, Matthew Joseph, Giapoza, and Sailor’s Grave. The Michael Pozzan Reserve wines, produced from grapes grown in the Napa and Sonoma regions, are of the finest quality and are crafted to capture the essence of California terroir on an every day budget. Annabella wines, named to honor Michael Pozzan’s venerable grandmother, are hand sourced with care from select vineyards throughout the Sonoma and Napa valleys exclusively. The Dante and Matthew Joseph wine collections were inspired by Michael’s travels through the Tuscan countryside and are named after Michael and Mary Ann’s sons, Michael Dante Pozzan and Matthew Joseph Pozzan. They represent Pozzan’s signature style of blending Californian innovation with Italian heritage. The Giapoza wines celebrate the Pozzan family’s newest member, Gianna Pozzan, and are crafted to delight the family table – easy-drinking yet celebratory all in one. Sailor’s Grave is a rich red blend inspired by a Wisconsin native known only as, Byron, who helped aid the Allied forces in WWII.

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