Nicolò Pozzoli


Franco e Matteo Bernabei


Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano Toscana, Sangiovese


Over 20 years old

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About Lornano

Lornano is a boutique winery owned by the same family since 1904. It’s located on south west hills of Castellina in Chianti on the border between Castellina and Monteriggioni. The winery was built up around the old church of Lornano in the fifteen century and the form of the current structure dates to the second half of the eighteenth century. Fattoria di Lornano is a member of the “Consorzio del Marchio Storico Chianti Classico Gallo Nero” since its foundation in 1924. Lornano practices a sustainable model of agriculture which promotes equilibrium with the environment and preserves natural resources. We produce high-quality wines free of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, using only minimal amounts of added sulfites. The property extends over 180 hectars of which 49 are planted with vines. The 80% of the vineyard is planted with 15 different carefully selected clones of Sangiovese which expresses all the authentic character of this ancient and amazing grape. The other 20% is planted with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, with a small percentage of white grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia used for our famed VinSanto del Chianti Classico DOC. Lornano vineyards characterized by diverse soils and microclimates are situated at an average altitude of 300 meters above sea level. The wine is produced exclusively from the vineyards of the estate, vinified in a modern cellar in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures and aged in an old wine cellar, completely underground protected from sudden temperature changes, in French oak barrels. The harvest, which usually takes place between the end of September and mid October, is done mostly by hand through a careful selection of grapes.