The Escudero Family


Ana Escudero

Distribution Area

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania


Graciano, Garnacha, Tempranillo


50% of the production of our wine is sourced from estate grown vineyards, that are a blend of head trained and trellised vineyards planted at 500M above sea level on the foothills of the mountains in Rioja Baja. The soils are alluvial deposits of the Ebro river. Our vineyards of Garnacha are up to 110 years old, and are mostly head trained. Our Graciano vineyards are between 90 and 20 years old and are both head trained and planted on trellises. All are dry farmed.



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About Ilurce

Bodegas y Viñedos Ilurce was founded by the Escudero family in 1940. Before founding the winery, the family was in the viticulture business – growing and selling grapes to premium producers in Rioja Alta & Alavesa. From 1940 until the mid 2000’s they vinified wine in bulk, bottling small amounts for the local market.

The project in its current form, based out of a winery on the outskirts of the city of Alfaro, in Rioja Baja, is the result of a collaboration between the Escudero family and Jorge Ordóñez. Jorge realized the potential for a value oriented Graciano based wine produced in Rioja, and scoured the region for a dedicated family who could vinify quality Graciano.

He met the Escudero family, and after falling in love with their Graciano vineyards and wines, he began blending Rio Madre for them. The focus on viticulture has persisted through the generations, and the current viticultural director of the winery, Amador Escudero, spends the majority of his time in the family’s vineyards, which account for 50% of the winery’s production.

Part of the Jorge Ordonez portfolio

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