Simon and Vanessa Barker


Simon and Vanessa Barker


Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling


“Muritai”, meaning “Sea Breeze” in Maori, nestles between the bluffs of Blind River half a mile from the sea in the cooler Awatere Valley. There are recognized differences between the wines of the Awatere and Wairau valleys. Awatere wines are fresher and mineral while Wairau wines are more tropical and rounder. Blind River’s most recognizable element is a flinty, smoky minerality. Muritai was planted, mostly, in 2004. Muritai is one of the windiest and driest spots in Marlborough. Whilst bud-break is 7-10 days earlier because of the proximity of a relatively warm sea in the spring, in the summer the breeze is stronger in the Awatere than elsewhere in Marlborough. And it’s strongest where the Barker's Marque vineyards are located, close to the sea. More wind makes the vines less prone to disease, reducing the need for treatments. Wind also reduces temperature, lowering yields and delaying maturity so the grapes see more of the cooler fall evenings. The cool evenings mean larger diurnal temperature changes as well as longer hang times, both of which help develop the aromas and flavors that give these wines their unique intensity.

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About Barker’s Marque

“Barkers Marque offers award-winning wines from Marlborough, New Zealand. These are the kind of wines that enthusiasts are looking for from this land of discovery – clean, fresh and intense wines of the highest quality. And they come from a unique terroir with a distinctive profile. These four Sauvignon Blancs (who says they all taste the same?) over deliver on quality at prices everyone can afford.

Barker’s Marque has one foot in New Zealand and one in the USA. The US team offers superior service and support to US customers and consumers, while also delivering attractively packaged, handcrafted wines directly to distributors. The result is prices that you don’t expect from a small family producer. This price advantage comes not by scrimping on quality but by building direct and trusted partnerships with our customers.

The Loop is named after Simon and Vanessa Barker’s home. If you ask the locals (there are very few) where the Barker’s live, they are likely to respond “In the loop of Blind River.” The loops on the label show the green of the vines, the yellow of the hills, and the blue of the ocean.”

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