Yves Cheron




Grenache/Garnacha, Syrah/Shiraz


The vineyard is one of the oldest upper soils of the appellation. Black marl and limestone scree are dated from the Jurassic period on the secondary era (between -135 and -155 millions of years). This is extremely rare and it makes the vineyard an amazing place, which was once witness to a powerful tectonic activity of 65 millions years ago.
The vineyard lies in a superb natural amphitheater where the slopes are more moderate. This place has worked like a tank for the settlings, especially during the Quaternary period (from 0 to -1.5 millions of years). the soil is also blended with some thin limestone scree from the Dentelles (Jurassic limestone from the secondary era, -140 millions of years). This accumulation offers an interesting soil matrix which provides the right conditions for vines to be planted. Yves Cheron's first plot of vines were planted here after a big frost in the spring 1956. The grapes harvested enter in the composition of the cuvée "Gigondas Yves Cheron Jurassique”. Manual harvest with strict selection in both vineyard and on sorting table before crush. Average 33 hectoliters/hectare for all domaine wines.


Limestone base of the Dentelles de Montmirail mountain range with Cretaceous marl top soil (soft, loose earth consisting of calcium carbonate and clay). Thin limestone scree from the Dentelles (Jurassic limestone from the secondary era, -140 millions of years).


Grapes are harvested by hand and totally destemmed. Long vatting with lightly crushed whole grapes. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and lasts up to 30 days. The first step and the most important for us is the maceration. The grapes are kept on low temperature with daily pumping over and daily punching down. During the whole fermentation, the temperature are kept on control for preserving the natural fruit and the “terroir expression” (primary aroma). Grapes are pressed with modern pneumatic press. Our underground winery is on three floors, which allow us to rack wines without any mechanical pumping.


Aged in subterranean cement tanks for 18 months before maturing in bottles in an air-conditioned cellar room.



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