Jose Luis Prada and Flor Bonet, husband and wife


Jose Luis Prada Mendez


Godello, Mencia


Vina del Palacio, Vina San Martin, Vina Campelo, Vina Regueiral, Vina Valentin, Vina Eiro d'avello, Vila el Picantal, from 600-800 meters, combinations sandy, loam, clay

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About Palacio de Canedo

The Palacio de Canedo estate has been associated with wine since 1730. In those times they would make and store 30 thousand liters of wine from the vineyards surrounding the Palace. In that era it was run by the Lord and Lady of Canedo, nowadays by Prada and Flor.
In 1987 Prada decided to buy the palace with the main idea to keep it alive and create a winery that works with the land. He operates on 30 hectares of land with 60-70 year old vines that are all hand harvested. At 600-800m elevation, the wines retain bright acidity. Soils made up of ‘pimentero’, name given to the red tone similar to pimento peppers, are clay based with some slate. With respect to the excellent soil, Palacio de Canedo has focused their efforts on ecological agriculture.
The concept has always been very clear: respect the earth and the environment. Operating as a certified organic establishment, insecticides and weed killers are never used. The goal is a clean and aromatic wine, deriving its taste and color only from grapes. It is wine made in the vineyard, with all of the character from the land that produced it. In the winery they allow nature to follow its own course, looking after what the land produced. This is the way they obtain authentic wine with a spherical soul.