Eric Louis


Eric Louis

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Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir


Vineyards are planted on the south east side of the Sancerre hill, primarily in Thauveney, with some in Ménétréol sous Sancerre and Vinon. Soil composed of 1/2 chalky-clay and 1/2 flinty (silex) soils. Organic approach in the vineyard, no herbicide, grass-growing, hoeing, ploughing, disbudding, and green harvesting.



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About Domaine de la Pauline

Eric Louis’ labels bear the name of his great-great-grandmother Pauline, who established the family’s reputation for quality wines all the way back in the 1860s. The domaine is located just outside the village of Thauvenay, one of Sancerre’s 14 communes in the southeast section of the appellation. Most of the domaine’s vineyards are just a caillote’s throw from the Loire River.

Though avoiding the bureaucratic headaches associated with certification, Eric tends his vines organically, limits yields, and schedules pruning, ploughing and picking according to lunar cycles (Maria Thun calendar). White, red and rosé Sancerres are vinified in the domaine’s two cellars in the heart of the village.