Claudio Manera


Claudio Manera

Distribution Area

Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania


Brachetto, Moscato d’Asti, Barbera


Vineyards are located in the Monferrato hills. Old vines that maintain a constant quality, suffer less environmental stress, have deeper roots, and a lower number of bunches, so the quality of the fruit is more concentrated.

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About Alasia

Araldica is Piemonte’s largest and most progressive co-operative while maintaining a small, family run company feel. This is thanks to the inspired guidance of winemaker/manager Claudio Manera (whose father Livio was the co-op’s first winemaker in the fifties) and his wife Lella, also a winemaker and in charge of Quality Control. 80% of production is bottled (an extraordinarily high percentage for a large co-operative) at the company’s headquarters in the Monferrato hills, home of the old cellars and a new winery, operating since September 2000. This is complimented by two estates, each with it’s own vinification cellars, La Battistina in Gavi (where Araldica is the region’s largest vineyard owner) and Il Cascinone. Claudio believes that effective management can preserve that most important concern for the customer – value for money.

“Our intention has never been to follow an idle dream of making a great wine that is then impossible to find or difficult to afford. Our broader ambition has been to provide a range that is both understandable and accessible. Quite simply, wine for drinking and enjoying.” — Claudio Manera

The Alasia wines are the top cuvées, chosen from some of the best vineyards around the Asti area of Piemonte and produced by Araldica. All the main DOC and DOCG wines of the region are produced. The name Alasia is a nod to a historical figure of the region: the daughter of an ancient emperor who fell in love with a knight and ran away together to live in the area that is now Asti.