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About Samuel Smith

First introduced to the U.S. market in 1978 by Merchant du Vin, Samuel Smith beers quickly became the benchmark ales for the emerging craft beer movement. To this day, they remain among the most awarded with a long history and focus on tradition.

The Old Brewery at Tadcaster was founded in 1758 and is Yorkshire’s oldest brewery. Samuel Smith is one of the few remaining independent exporting breweries in England and is the last to utilize the classic Yorkshire Square system of fermentation solely in stone squares. These squares, made of solid blocks of slate, are used to ferment ales and stouts.

The rich Samuel Smith strain of yeast at The Old Brewery dates from the early 1900s. Hops are hand-weighed by the master hop blender, and the brewing water is drawn from the original well, sunk over 250 years ago. English hop varieties such as Fuggles and Goldings are used to add bitterness and aroma to Samuel Smith’s traditional ales in the antique boiling Copper mash tuns.

The Old Brewery still uses Grey Shire horses stabled onsite for delivering beer in and around Tadcaster five days per week. They also employ a full-time cooper who makes and repairs all oak casks which are used in to age their beers.

From delicate gold lager to caramelly amber ales to velvety chocolate stout, Samuel Smith crafts beautiful, complex & elegant beers. Samuel Smith beers and cider are vegan products, registered with The Vegan Society.

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