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Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

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Environmental Initiative

Sustainable, Natural, Organic


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Gaston Martinez

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About Izo

Founded by Gaston Martinez, a native of Durango, Mexico, who started Izo to introduce the culture, tradition, and heritage of Durango to the world.

Mezcal has been produced in Durango for 450 years, and Izo continues this legacy through crafting mezcal according to centuries of tradition. Made sustainably from slow-roasted, wild agave hearts harvested on local ranches at altitudes of up to 8,500 feet, every sip speaks to generations of Mezcaleros bringing people together around shared values of community, celebration, and savoring the reward of a job well done.

Izo is named after the agave variety Cenizo which comes from the species Durangensis, the agave of Durango, Mexico. Cenizo produces mezcals with natural sweetness and creaminess and is not typically found in Oaxaca.

Every aspect of Izo pays respect to its point of origin, from the use of fallen oak and lava rock used in the baking stage, which are both found in the region, to the locally-sourced handmade Onyx featured atop the bottle, to the elegant, minimalist bottle design. The pure, sophisticated taste of Izo Mezcal tells the story of centuries’ old Mexican tradition and of one man’s vision to share it with the world.

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“The brand is rooted in the concept of celebration, both old and new, entirely relevant to Day of the Dead's symbolism. The mezcal also prioritizes an enviornmental legacy, by using solar-paneled water treatment systems and a bee colony to aid in plant propagation.”