Abre Ojos

Distribution Area

New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Spirit Type

Tequila Silver, Tequila Reposado

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About Abre Ojos

Abre Ojos is a small batch, craft tequila brand. Their mission is to make the craft tequila experience accessible by creating an authentic product at an approachable price. Every bottle is made in small batches and twice distilled from 100% Blue Weber Agave which is naturally grown in the lowlands of Jalisco. Lowland agave is known to yield vegetal, earthy flavors.

Kirk Agostini is the owner and started the project in 2010 because of his attraction to the enchanting history of the town of Tequila and its spirits. He worked with a partner distillery in Jalisco for three years to develop exclusive recipes and has a business partner based in Mexico. The distillery has 80 hectares of agave plantings. They strive for the most flavor while being true to the agave, maintaining complexity without being overpowering. The goal is to capture the rich, early undertones of the region.

The agave is steamed for 24-48 hours in traditional brick ovens with juice extraction by a mechanical shredder. It is then naturally fermented in open air vats (no commercial yeast). The final product is hand labeled in the town of Tequila, Mexico.

Abre Ojos means “open eyes.” The name was chosen because it suggests we should slow down and keep our eyes open. The company was built upon the concepts of quality over quantity, sipping, slowing down, and being open to the experiences surrounding you.