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Vineyards from the Rhône delta in the middle of southern France, arcing all the way around to the Spanish border on the Mediterranean seaboard

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About Domaine de Vedilhan

Made by Boutinot’ encompasses vineyards and cellars in France, Italy and South Africa as well as long standing relationships with hundreds of winegrowers throughout the world. Wines are crafted by both vinifying fruit from Boutinot’s own vineyards and by selecting and blending wine from partner growers. Boutinot’s dedicated Product Managers (including two Masters of Wine) work hand in hand with experienced and highly talented winemakers and blenders to bring their winemaking philosophy to life. It’s their job to ensure all ‘Made by Boutinot’ wines are crafted to match stylistic ideals of how wine should taste and deliver Boutinot’s vision of high quality wines at every price point.

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