Daniel Brennan


Daniel Brennan


Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Viognier, Malbec


Various vineyard sites throughout Hawke's Bay - Gimblett Gavels, Crownthorpe, Bridge Pa District - and Martinborough

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About Decibel Wines

Could you taste a wine and feel inspired? Could you smell a glass of wine and want to move to the other side of the world? It happened to New Jersey native, Daniel Brennan, when he first discovered New Zealand wines. While traveling through Europe and America as the manager of a rock band, Daniel’s passion for sense memory and sense elation grew. When docked in Philadelphia, he discovered New Zealand wines. On tasting these wines, Daniel says, “I literally smelled the potential for adventure and pure discovery in the glass.” So, in 2007 Daniel left Philadelphia to pursue the passion of learning to become a winemaker in New Zealand.

Decibel is Daniel’s vision to create wines using classic practices, minimal intervention, and wines with a community based attitude. Two special projects also lie within the Decibel label: Testify – a labor-of-love Malbec that is only produced in the best of vintages, and Giunta – a whimsical expression of Malbec in the Nouveau style.

A true Rennaisance Man, Daniel also hosts a podcast series, Vintage Stories. Historically the podcast was based around interviews with Daniel’s peers and mentors in Winemaking, Brewing and Gastronomy. The series now also features journalists, scientists, entrepreneurs and experts in a wide range of fields revolving around wine, beer, gastronomy, science, technology, farming, tourism and travel. Most episodes are recorded from his home, set within the vineyards of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Instagram: @decibelwines

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