The 30 Best Red Wines for 2021

illustration: GERRY SELIAN

Wine is for everyone. If you like more expensive, focused wine, awesome. If you just want some everyday bottles to have on hand, great. If your sweet spot is under $30, excellent. And if you’re looking for a good case buy, stupendous. There is so much wine on our market, and it can be difficult to find your match online or in stores.

That’s what we are here for. A couple years ago, VinePair embarked on a journey of reviewing as many wines on the market as possible. Since then, every bottle that comes our way gets a fair shot being tasted. If you see a bottle online or on a shelf, we make an effort to sip and consider it.

Wine is not always about what you can afford. It’s also about occasions and moods. Just because you can afford a $150 bottle of wine doesn’t mean that you are buying that style on the reg. Even if you are comfortable buying a weekly $30 bottle of wine, you may not be spending that on bottles for large get-togethers.

For a sliver of brightness to hold onto as we squint toward the rest of 2021, here are 30 wines to fit every budget. These are some of the bottles that really made us raise an eyebrow this year, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. With a phone in hand, you can always use our review section to see how VinePair feels about a wine you might be looking at on a shelf.


Decibel Wines ‘Giunta’ Malbec Nouveau 2020

This is Malbec like you’ve never had it. And from New Zealand! Buy a bunch of bottles, chill this wine down, and drink it with whatever. The savory side plays well with the fruit and will pair with all kinds of cooked meats, from skirt steak to lamb. This wine is a gem.

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