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Palomino Fino, Moscatel, Pedro Ximénez


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About Baron

Manuel Baron Fernandez founded this Sanlucar company in 1895, with the purchase of some old soleras from the almacenista of Anselmo Paz. His descendants can claim a winegrowing history that stretches back even further, however, for Baron’s wife, Dolores Romero Sanchez, came from the Sanlucar family of Romero de la Balsa, who has been cultivating vines in Sanlucar since the mid-seventeenth century.
Today, the main portion of the company’s bodegas are clustered together in the upper portion of the town, with some buildings dating back to 1871. The cellars house nearly 10,000 barrels of wine in total, including those original and venerable soleras of Anselmo Paz, which are still in use today. In addition, the company owns 140 hectares of vines divided among three sites, all on prime albariza soil: the Finca Atalaya, Finca Martin Miguel, and Finca El Poedo.
While the firm producers a wide range of wines, including amontillado, oloroso, and moscatel, the focus in on manzanilla, of which there are several that are sold under various brand names.
In 2014 Bodegas Barón started a makeover of their entire range. The new labels, which are definitely among the nicest looking, avant-garde labels you can find in the sherry region.
It is clear that Barón is pushing forward at a high pace. A lot of effort is put in the products and in communications via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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