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About Schloss Eggenberg

Castle Eggenberg is one of Europe’s oldest breweries, its history dates back to the 10th century AD. Located in the region known as Saixkammergut north of the Alps. Commercial activities started in 1681, Eggenberg plays an important role in the beer tradition of Austria. Currently, the seventh generation operates the brewery. The beers of Eggenberg have been awarded numerous gold medals at trade fairs and exhibitions. Nowadays beer specialties of Eggenberg are being exported to 40 countries worldwide.
The castle Eggenberg can document its origins from 971 AD. Documents at the brewery can document the Eggenberg family in possession of the castle into the 1500’s. The house of Ferberger took over the castle in 1524. A hundred years later in 1625 Adam Graf Herbrstorff took over the castle, through the 1600’s the castle changes hands several times. Finally in 1682, Eggenberg is sold to the monastery of Kremsmunster and 1681 commercial brewing activity is started.
The brewery continues to change ownership through 1803 when Johann Georg Forstinger purchased the brewery. From this point on it pass through the generations of Frostinger’s first to Franz Forstinger, then Carl and Caroline Forstinger. In 1877, the residential portion of the property was destroyed by fire. Caroline’s daughters Maria Forstinger and Emilie Stohr took over the brewery in 1927. In 1945, after World War II Caroline, Gertrude and Karl Stohr the Children of Emilie took over the brewery. Karl Stohr took full control of the brewery in 1981.