Healthy Cocktails Are on the Rise

By Nathan Borchelt | May 23, 2018

Call it the natural extension of the locavore movement—or just a rising desire to care about what you’re putting into your body, but cocktail consumers have shifted away from the sugar-bomb mix drinks and shots, Red Bulls and vodka, and other saccharine concoctions in favor of more thoughtful drinks that boast clean, healthy ingredients. The quintessential Bloody Mary may be the patron saint of the healthy cocktail—and (thank the drinking gods), this new wave of healthy drinks follows that icon’s lead. They still contain alcohol and not a whiff of patchouli or any other sort of hippy-centric impulses. Just hearty, flavorful offerings that highlight the interplay of the booze and the other (often seasonal) ingredients, offering a drinking experience just as adventurous as they are likely to leave you hangover-free. Here’s a handful of cocktails that prove this trend is slowly taking over the country.

24 Carrot Gold

Leaning into Mi Corazon restaurant’s pedigree of organic Mexican cuisine, LA-based Bar Director Raul Pool uses a house-made carrot coconut water in his 24 Carrot Gold cocktail. This healthy ingredient is fortified with Western Grace Brandy, Cana Brava Rum, a bit of bitterness from Amaro Montenegro, along with cream, vanilla, and cinnamon tincture.

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