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Western Grace Distilling was founded by two business partners, Kevin Beyer and Dave Welty. After 18+ years of developing and reinvigorating spirits brands for their clients, they decided to do it for themselves. With little innovation in brandy over the last 50 years, Kevin and Dave took control of the narrative and created a brandy that people were unfamiliar with – a “new” brandy which is drier, less sweet, and more versatile in the glass.

Partnering with Full Package Spirits, the makers of Milagro, Ancho Reyes and Montelobos, Kevin and Dave launched Western Grace Brandy in the summer of 2016. Like Lewis & Clark leading western expansion with a supply of brandy at the ready (true story!), Kevin & Dave are fueling the future of brandy cultivated from the character and quality of the original varietals.


Western Grace is an Old World brandy from La Mancha—the Spanish birthplace of brandy—where grapes have been cultivated and distilled for spirits since the 13th century. Made from Xarel-lo, Macabeo, and Parellada grapes cultivated under a strict regimen, the liquid is solera-aged in American oak, then rounded out in sherry vats, with a final touch of tequila barrels for an added layer of complexity.

The result is a smooth and balanced, full-flavored brandy with notes of oak, grape, vanilla, walnut, hazelnut, and cocoa—an ideal, versatile brandy for traditional neat serves and craft mixology cocktails alike.

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