Floriane Eznack


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier


Jacquart occupies 2400 hectares with 1800 winegrowers, this equates to 7% of the Champagne region. Includes grand crus of the Côtes des Blancs & Montagne de Reims.

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About Champagne Jacquart

Since 1964, with endless drive and dedication, Jacquart has worked to become one of the world’s leading champagne brands. It isn’t everyday that a group of winegrowers decide to create an international brand… The aim of these visionary winegrowers is to offer champagne lovers a brand that is born in the vineyard, not the boardroom. The commitment and dedication of the growers who established Jacquart fifty years ago still remain the cornerstones of the brand today.

Today, Champagne Jacquart represents one of the largest sources of grapes in the entire Champagne region, covering more than 7% of the surface area in the AOC / appellation. The identity of the House is profoundly rooted in the land of Champagne, in its hilly landscapes, its chalk and its villages. Young as it may be in Champagne history terms, thanks to its 1,800 winegrowers, Jacquart boasts a terroir as vast as it is unique, covering 2,400 ha, to shape its wines with a very contemporary elegance. For over 10 years, the Alliance Champagne Group has been committed to sustainable vinegrowing, an innovation in Champagne.

The vines enjoy specific, attentive care from our 1,800 winegrowing partners. Each and every one of them has a passion for their work on the vines and follows the rhythm of the Champagne seasons. They work the soil, remove weeds and handle fertilisation in the course of the seasons: pruning, tying in, bud reoval, training, trimming, leaf stripping and finally harvesting the grapes.

Floriane Eznack joined Jacquart as head winemaker in 2011. She turned 30 when she arrived in Champagne. First becoming the assistant winemaker at Veuve Clicquot, she became oenologist of the House. She is the one who embodies its spirit and is responsible for the winemaking. Floriane is compelled by her talent and she represents a sign of the changing times. She is young like our house and is investing in the future.

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