Lynn Wheeler

Winemaker and Owner

I am a native of Pueblo, CO, who spent long hot summers in the Panhandle of Texas. In school at CU Boulder, I studied voice, photography, South American studies and finally Biology before I decided I better drop out. Kenny was keen to come get me and we moved to SF where we lived in a hallway we called the honeycomb hideout. Romantics from the start, we travelled the world together eating buttered baguettes and drinking cheap, well, anything.

I finally majored in Botany at UC Davis and managed the CSA at the student organic farm alongside Kenny who tended the student organic vineyard.  I spent the summer and fall cataloging the flora of Rocky Mountain National Park, and then we moved to Santa Cruz where  I was a Program Director at Eco-Farm and Kenny a Winemaker at Hallcrest/Organic Wine Works.

It was then, in 2001, that the Hobo Wine Company started and Kenny, with me by his side, ventured down the path towards building a small business that 17 harvests later has surrounded us with gratitude.  In all these years creating this life, I have raised babies, filed many the form,  sold wine with toddlers in tow, cleaned, inventoried, delivered, harvested, and cleaned again.  In short, it was just time I made my own wine.

I am proud of the Edith and Ida Chardonnay because it reenforces the importance of patience.  The wine takes it’s time to ferment and often finishes in the spring.  The vines are organically tended and very old and therefore perfectly express all that is delicious in California fruit.

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