Guillermo Martin Ordonez & Victoria Ordonez




Pedro Ximenez, Petite Verdot, Syrah/Shiraz, Tempranillo


Due to the altitude, steepness (40-78%) and the old age of the vineyard (40-125 yrs) they are not reachable to any machinary or plough, so it can only be managed by hand with hoe and string trimmer. Bush vine training, just one pruning in January, organic fertilizer every 2 or 3 years, no herbicides: one or 2 trimmings in springtime after the rain season, no pesticides or fungicides: one or two treatments of sulfur and copper in springtime is enough to prevent oidium and mildiu due to the altitude and dryness of this exceptional terroir. The red grapes vines were planted in the early 90's. They are upright trained and part of the plough is made with the use of machinery. The rest of the techniques are the same as Pedro Ximenez.


Soils: Precambric soils (600 million years old) with great hetereogenity: Filitas and squistos (two types of slate), milky quarz, silica, chalk, clay and sandy soils and magma in the same plot. The vineyards are located between 2600-3300 ft. altitud in these mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Inclination ranges from 40 to 78%.

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Pedro Ximenez: hand harvested in early August with 12,5 % potencial alcohol. Partially de-stemmed. Cold Maceration. Gentle press in Pneumatic press. Temperature controlled fermentation, partially spontaneous. Aged sur lies in Stainless Steel. Stabilized by cold and filtered with sheet filter.

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