Gunther & Klaus Di Giovanna


Terre Siciliane


Chardonnay, Grillo


Yields lowered by 50% with green harvest along with single-side leaf thinning. Grapes are hand-harvested when it is fresh, between the hours of 4:30am-9am and 5:00pm-9pm. Daytime temperatures during harvest can average 95F to 104F degrees.


Certified Organic


The grapes come from the family’s Fiuminello and Paradiso vineyards, a selection of the best fruit each vintage. Fiuminello is in the zone Sambuca di Sicilia. The vineyard are just below the forested mountains of Monte Genuardo and nestled inside the Nature Reserve, at altitudes ranging from 730-820 meters above sea level. The area is noted for extreme day to night temperature swings; stony ground, rich with organic substance. Paradiso in Contessa Entellina are the family's largest vineyards planted on soft rolling hills at altitudes around 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by olive groves.

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Maceration on the skins for 8 hours, temperature controlled. Grapes are destemmed and soft-pressed overnight in which only the 1st flower (Primo Fiore) is used to produce the wine. The Primo Fiore is the first 55% of the pressed juice, the rest will be sold as bulk wine. Fermentation starts with a combination of ambient yeasts and organic selected yeast in stainless steel tank on the fine lees for 6 months with regular batonage, cold stabilization and fined with bentonite. 80% Chardonnay, 20% Grillo.


Aged on the fine lees for 6 months with regular batonage.



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This expressive wine is the happy marriage of the native Sicilian Grillo grape and a french clone of Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon lends elegance and a perfumed bouquet while the Grillo gives the round richness, power and bold flavor. The wine is straw yellow with an expressive bouquet of ripe ruby red grapefruit, white flower, and tropical fruits.