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This exquisite French is bursting with flavor with the use of seven botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Lemon, Angelica, Orris, Cassia Bark, Licorice Root. The result is a clean, bold Gin with powerful Juniper characters balanced with strong citrus notes. Aromatic, zesty, sophisticated and complex would accurately describe this lovely spirit. Producer: Vinet-Delpech Product: Batsmen Gin Country and Region: Brie-sous-Archiac, France (Cognac AOC) Produced from (Raw base product): French Molasses Production Method: The molasses is fermented and distilled into a neutral spirit, then the botanicals which are; Juniper and Coriander from the Balkans, Angelica from France and Belgium, Orris root from Italy, Liquorice and Cassia from Asia, Citrus Peel from the Mediterranean, are steeped for 12 hours and then distilled once Distillation Method: Two times in Copper Pot Still Type of Still: Early 1800’s Copper Pot Still Tasting Notes: Bright citrus right off the bat followed by herbaceous notes, the citrus powers through the palate with a warm juniper and lemon zest lingering finish.

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