Distribution Area

Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Spirit Type

Cream Liqueur

Environmental Initiative



The McKevitt Family

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About Maloney’s

Owned by the McKevitt family, Terra is the largest family owned cream liqueur producer in Ireland and one of the longest established in the world with its roots going back to the very creation of the product category back in 1970’s. Today, with its renowned expertise in cream liqueur technology and wholly owned by the McKevitt family, Terra proudly develops, produces and bottles superior quality Irish Cream Liqueurs alongside an array of alcoholic beverages for our customers who include some of the most prestigious retailers and International Drinks companies worldwide.

Maloney’s Irish Country Cream is a smooth blend of rich Irish dairy cream, chocolate and vanilla flavors, wine and Irish spirits and has a low alcohol strength of less than 14% by volume. Its smooth texture is derived from the quality of the pure and fresh Irish dairy cream which is sourced locally from the surrounding dairy lands.