Re:Find Handcrafted spirits are made with premium grapes from the celebrated Paso Robles wine region. This project is the result of Villicana Winery’s founders Alex and Monica Villicana’s desire to promote and encourage sustainability by utilizing existing, unused resources to create a high-end, local, artisan product. This concept of finding a new use for wine and refining it into spirits is basis for the name Re:Find.

Often, winemakers bleed a percentage of the free-run juice from red wine grapes before fermentation to concentrate and enhance the quality of their red wines, and this bleed, the saignée, is often discarded (not good for the leach-fields). By fermenting this bleed and then triple distilling it, Re:Find Distillery has found a new use for saignée. And, not only are they using the saignée from Villicana Winery, Alex and Monica are purchasing the saignée from other craft wineries in Paso Robles. This is not a grappa, which utilizes what is left over after fermentation; rather they are using the prized free-run juice removed prior to fermentation.

“Some winemakers use their saignée for Rosé, or they pour it down the drain, and I just knew there had to be a better use. My research paid off, and after years of planning, my saignée now has a new purpose, a very special, high-quality vodka and gin, which is the ultimate in spirit-making sustainability.” – Alex Villicana, Founder

Gin, 92°

Re:Find Distillery has the luxury of starting with a premium base fruit, ripe red-wine grapes, which affords us the ability to craft superior spirits. When making Re:Find Gin we start with Re:Find Vodka as the ultra quality base. The Re:Find vodka is placed back in our copper still and we then add, through a vapor pass, a proprietary blend of botanicals including juniper berry, coriander, orris root, lemon & orange peel, grains of paradise, and lavender to impart a rich gin flavor. Due to the unique character of our wine grape based spirit, our gin has a soft, sweet, lingering finish. Sustainability is the catalyst of this project, so we source most of our botanicals from farms on the Central Coast of California. Naturally gluten free.

ReFind Gin Tech Sheet

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Rye Whiskey, 93°

Re:Find partners with small, California artisan breweries to obtain a custom mash bill for our Rye Whiskey. Re:Find ferments, distills, and ages our whiskey at the distillery in Paso Robles. Re:Find Rye is aged in small cooperage resulting in a memorable, well-balanced whiskey with a touch of spice.

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Vodka, 80°

Re:Find Distillery has the luxury of starting with a premium base fruit, ripe red-wine grapes, which affords us the ability to craft superior spirits. One distinct benefit of vodka derived from ripe, red-wine grapes is the compound glycerol. Glycerol forms the ‘legs’ on a wine glass and has a sweet quality and opulent mouth-feel that gives our vodka a uniquely smooth, soft characteristic. Naturally gluten free.

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Cucumber Flavored Vodka, 80°

Staying consistent with our sustainable roots, Re:Find Distillery is crafting vibrantly flavored spirits using seasonally grown California fruit, produce, and botanicals. We rely on the expertise of our local farmers to harvest the produce at its optimum ripeness which translates to a more flavorful spirit. All of our seasonal spirit use only natural ingredients and are distilled by our distiller, Alex Villicana in Paso Robles, CA. Naturally Gluten Free.

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Limoncello, 80°

Re:Find Distillery hand zests 10,000 pounds of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, the traditional lemon used for limoncello, grown by California family farmers. The zesting takes 20 people 3-4 days to complete. We then soak the zest in our meticulously clean, high proof vodka for 3-4 months. When all of the oils and aromatic qualities are pulled out of the zest, we remove the zest from the vodka and slowly add a simple syrup, to taste. This results in an ideal balance of fresh lemon flavor, alcohol, and sweetness. Bottling with out the use of carbon filtration results in a vibrancy that is unparalleled.

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Barrel Finished Vodka [e], 93°

Re:Find takes their luxury vodka and finished it in a combination of new and used rye whiskey barrels resulting in a unique vodka that can be enjoyed like a traditional whiskey. Why [e]? It represents the [e] in whiskey that is sometimes dropped depending on where it was distilled. Naturally gluten free.

“The base is distilled from red wine grapes, and the vodka is then barrel-aged. The end result is an experimental bottling that looks, smells and tastes like a young Bourbon. It’s oak-forward at first sip, but finishes round and luscious, with plenty of caramel and cinnamon-clove sparks. Slip it into a blind tasting alongside traditional whiskey and watch Bourbon-lovers lose their minds.” – Wine Enthusiast – October, 2016

ReFind Barrel Finished Vodka Tech Sheet

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