Marcel van Stuijvenberg


Marcel van Stuijvenberg


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon


McIntyre vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands: The oldest Pinot Noir vines in Santa Lucia Highlands supply White Hart Pinot Noir. Grapes like this don’t come along every day. Most of these McIntyre vineyard vines are forty four years old. And they are certified sustainably farmed. In California there has been such a rush to the Dijon clones that old clones like these are hard to find.

Arroyo Seco: Famous “Greenfield Pebbles”, large, flat stones in the soil that absorb midday sun and radiate its warmth later, during the cool, windy afternoons – keeping the vines vibrant in the day and protecting the grapes from freezing at night.

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About White Hart

Hart is an archaic word for deer, compare with modern Dutch “hert”.

Grazing quietly in the forest opening, this majestic creature seems oblivious of its radiance and beauty. With its antlers held high and its thick coat luminous in the morning light, the animal stops briefly among its fellow deer, and sniffs the air. While his brown companions blend easily into the landscape, he stands out bright, bold and exposed. For the precious moments he is still, he seems to have stepped out of a stranger, more mysterious world.Far from being just another deer, this is a white hart – an animal both rare and revered. Since time immemorial, the white hart has been a creature surrounded by mystery.

Marcel van Stuijvenberg, owner, has worked about three decades in and around the wine business, pretty much in all facets one can imagine. He is passionate about distributing fine wine and some information to appreciative consumers and trade folks; worldwide. He has experience in creating growth for almost all vitis vinifera grape varieties planted in a multitude of countries. Of course, he lives in California and tries to keep his carbon footprints as light as necessary. Onward now in building a future for White Hart wines.

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