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Looking for the differentiation, Victoria Ordóñez decides to include in their wines the variety native Pedro Ximénez of the Montes of Malaga, grape of the wine malagueños for excellence, and that only in Malaga is cultivated, and that, over the centuries XVII to XIX, gave origin and international fame to the wine of Malaga. The preparation of these wines, which were in the most dry, was abandoned after of the phylloxera until today. We are therefore facing a risky and innovative project due to the lack of references in this type of wines. The work of research were led to explore one area wine until then quite forgotten: the Montes of Malaga, which includes the municipalities of Málaga, Casabermeja and Colmenar. To give to the practically nonexistent Pedro Ximenez, there was that INDAG ar for months to locate small parcels of old vines in the that is has led to out one laborious task of selection to separate the Pedro Ximenez from other varieties that live in the same land, situation itself of the vineyards old. For this task counted with thecollaboration of the DD Regulatory Council. 00. ‘Málaga’ and `Sierras de Málaga ‘. In addition to introducing the Pedro Ximénez of the Natural Park of the Montes de Málaga, Victoria Ordóñez has continued betting on her new journey for the also native Moscatel grape , a variety that she knows well and that has worked to the length of his career professional, this time selecting vineyards of the Alta Axarquía malagueña to nearly 1000 m of altitude, in the Parque Natural Sierra Tejeda. The Victoria Ordóñez winery started with the 2015 vintage and since then it has been expanding the volume of production and developing new oenological projects.

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