Eller Family


Juliane Eller


Grauburgunder, Riesling, Silvaner, Spatburgunder


The winery and vineyard was founded in 1984 by Juliane's family. The 20 hectares are located in Alsheim. Soils types of Limestone, clay, and loam. Best sitess are Alsheimer Fruhmesse and Alsheimer Rheinblick.

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About Juwel-Weine

Juliane Eller grew up in a vine-growing family, so already at an early age, she was committed to become a great winemaker. When she returned from her studies at Geisenheim in 2013 (then aged 23), she wasted little time in suggesting to her parents it was time for a change.

“Two days after I came home, I said to my mum and dad: ‘Let’s change everything! Are you with me?’ And they said: ‘Yes. Let’s do it!’ And now we are growing together.” Eller says: “It’s a family business. And I now handle the cellar on my own.” Even though it was challenging at the outset, she’s comfortable with the way things turned out; and is truly grateful for her parents’ support.

“It’s a really positive feeling that they are so behind me,” she says. With three vintages under her belt, she has an air of confidence that can only come from being given such a hands-on opportunity.
Juliane is the winemaker and runs the cellar. Her sister, Katharina, oversees the tasting room and marketing.

The transition from the older to younger generation is complete, embodied in the updated look and JuWel brand that Eller conceived. She suggests that the name is more than just a play on her own name. The idea of the simple, clean lined diamond logo that accompanies it is a reference to polishing the ‘jewel in the rough.’

In reshaping her parents’ vineyard business into JuWel (Juliane Eller Weine), Eller decided to focus on five varieties: Riesling, Weiss Burgunder (Pinot Blanc), Grau Burgunder (Pinot Gris), Silvaner and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). The ‘new’ Germany is about a whole lot more than solely Riesling.

Eller has moved entirely to hand-picking and is transitioning to certified organic. Her 10,000 case annual production currently sells out.