The Metz family


Eric Casimir


Pinot Gris, Riesling, Klevener, Gewurtztraminer


Itterswiller, Epfig, Nothalten, Bernardvillé and Heiligenstein

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About Gerard Metz

The Metz family has been growing vines around the village of Epfig since the early 18th century, but the family’s main focus until 1920/25 was agriculture..Marcellin Metz began growing vines on land of the neighbouring village of Itterswiller in 1931, and in 1936 he decided to concentrate on producing grapes for wine..

Marcellin passed on his knowledge to his 2 sons and in 1966 Gérard and René decided to start bottling and marketing their own wines.

Gérard and René took a great deal of care over their wines and their insistence on quality meant sales soon began to grow in France. Over the years, they grew their estate by buying some excellent terroirs both in Itterswiller and nearby.

In 1988, Eric Casimir, who originally came from Champagne, married one of Gérard’s daughters and moved to Itterswiller. To learn the trade, he spent 3 years at the agricultural lycée of Obernai and then 5 years working in the vineyards of the family estate. Eric took over winemaking duties from Gérard in 1996.

The next few years saw a further expansion of the estate, with the purchase of plots from the famous Muenchberg Grand Cru and Klevener de Heiligenstein.

Domaine G. METZ now comprises over 13 ha of vineyards located across the renowned hillsides of Itterswiller, Epfig, Nothalten, Bernardvillé and Heiligenstein.