The Shiels Family


Kerry Shiels


Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc


The 45 acre DuBrul Vineyard on a south-facing slope above the Yakima River in the Yakima Valley—Seattle's 2007 Vineyard of the Year—is a difficult site to manage, with many microclimates that require careful monitoring. Low vigor soils combined with our deficit irrigation regimen produce small berries, small clusters, and low yields from our vines. Own-rooted vines have a purity of expression of the vine and the soil. Vineyard manager Larry Dolan works with the Shiels and their crew to ensure each vine gets what it needs. The result: some of the most elegant, yet approachable wines in the state—from acclaimed wineries such as Owen Roe and Woodward Canyon—are made from these Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and other Bordeaux varieties. The DuBrul Vineyard is consistently recognized as one of the top vineyards in Washington State.

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About Côte Bonneville

In 1992 Hugh and Kathy Shiels planted DuBrul Vineyard. The steep south-facing hillside yields grapes with unique flavors and structure. In 2001 they founded Côte Bonneville to produce classically styled wines that best express our spectacular site. Daughter and winemaker Kerry, creates beautiful wines from all the varietals, showcasing each terroir. They vinify grapes from each varietal and block in DuBrul. Producing around 2500 cases per year.

By combining traditional winemaking techniques with cutting edge science, Cote Bonneville crafts estate-grown DuBrul Vineyard grapes into world class wines. The exceptional winemaking and DuBrul Vineyard character shine through year after year.

The wines of Côte Bonneville have been recognized by consumers and critics alike. The pedigree of DuBrul Vineyard and Côte Bonneville wines can be seen in our consistently high ratings. Vintage after vintage, across publications, the quality of the wines has been recognized, as can be seen here.