The Thiénot Family


Nicolas Uriel, Winemaker and Cellar Master


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier


Champagne Thiénot partners with growers among 20 different cru vineyard sites for their supply of grapes.

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About Champagne Thiénot

It takes real nerve to set up your own champagne house, when the very first houses began their existence more than three centuries ago. Alain Thiénot demonstrated real nerve, as well as inspiration and aspiration in doing exactly that. With almost 20 years experience as a wine broker in Champagne, he had acquired an in-depth knowledge of the vineyards, having scoured the hillsides in the constant quest for wines (that revealed) the finest expressions of each Cru vineyard.
By 1985, Alain Thiénot had developed his project and launched his eponymous Champagne House. Using his well-established contacts with growers to the best of his ability, he was able to guarantee an extraordinary supply of grapes. A precision-managed adventure and a challenge that paid off, Champagne Thiénot has found its place among the greatest champagne houses, favoring quality over quantity, creativity over traditionalism. And it is this long road to success that has formed the bedrock of the champagne house, notably its family values and independence.
Today, Champagne Thiénot is in the capable hands of Stanislas and Garance, the company’s leaders and ambassadors. Alain Thiénot, ever present at their side, continues to share his knowledge and secrets. Stanislas and Garance work in unison to develop the house, and to ensure the long-term prospects of the family business and its quest for excellence.
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