Cédric Parpette


Cédric Parpette




Montmain & Le Plomb

About Cedric Parpette

Cédric Parpette did not come from a winemaking background. He worked as a car body repairman for a number of years. In 1986, his father-in-law René Fernandez purchased 2.5 hectares of abandoned vineyard in the Côte Brune part of Côte Rôtie and spent several years clearing and replanting the southeast facing slope. The vineyard of Montmain is a large, steep slope of micaschist, angled at 35° to 40°, with little top-soil. In 1996, Fernandez added a parcel in the nearby lieu-dit of Le Plomb (where Jamet and Rostaing have vines) (Les Grandes Places is situated between Montmain and Le Plomb) bringing the total domaine to its current surface area of 3.5 hectares.

All of the grapes were sold to negotiants, primarily Guigal and Chapoutier, until Cédric took over the domaine in 2003 and decided to hold back some of the grapes to make wine at the domaine. He has gradually increased the number of bottles he makes, but continues to sell to the negociants out of respect to their loyalty to the domaine.

Distribution Area

Delaware, National, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania