269 families who are shareholders in the operation


Chardonnay, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Viura, Moscatel


600 ha total of young and old vines, average vine age 30 yrs. Soils are stony with calcareous crust, major climactic and soil influences from Mount Moncayo and Ebro River.

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About Bodegas Campos de Enanzo

Enanzo is a cooperative that has been in operation for over 300 years. It was privatized in 1958, and today, there are 269 families who are shareholders in the operation. The word “Enanzo” means to “jump up” (as any good wine should from the glass). It’s an old word in the Basque vernacular which would most commonly be used to refer to work. For example, after a long day of pruning, one might be heard saying: “que enanzo hacemos hoy” – ‘what progress we made today.’
Navara is a region that is famous for the quality of things that grow there (most importantly, vegetables and grains). Enanzo is located in an area called “la ribera baja”, which means the lower river, in the southern most part of the D.O. They have a very special micro-climate here; they are 10 degrees warmer than anywhere else in the D.O., which allows them to harvest earlier, while still reaching optimal ripeness, but rarely risking the wet conditions that often come with later harvests up north in the same D.O.