Score: 97

Press Details

Wine Name: Chianti Classico
Producer: Lornano
Publication: Luca Maroni
Vintage: 2016

Tasting Notes

Sensations: its gustatory persuasiveness is rare and harmonious, ├črst, as an effect of admirable ripeness of the fruit, then effect of great respect in the winemaking process. The acidity that elevates the expressive olfactory note, the tannins, that give the impression of fleshy grape, the roundness of ripe berry, that all implies in balanced expressive softness. Then the density, that as the clearness of transformation, reveals the concentration and purity of raw material. A spicy and black blackberry jam, that in a spherical way shines of its best aroma. Absolutely among the best Chianti Classico, chapeau. - 2nd Best Red Wine of Italy