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    Michael Pozzan Winery

    Sailor’s Grave Cabernet Sauvignon

    United States, California, Napa Valley


    Winery Overview

    "Michael Pozzan Winery is owned and operated by Michael and Mary Ann Pozzan, both natives of California. Michael was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but spent his summer months with his grandparents on their 35 acre vineyard estate in Sonoma County. Michael's grandfather purchased the land in the town of Healdsburg after WWII and planted Zinfandel grapes which he sold to local wineries, though always making sure that he retained a portion of the grapes to make his own wine. Additionally, the Pozzans have roots extending to Piemonte, Italy, where the family still owns the original vineyard that Michael's great-grandfather planted over 100 years ago. Michael has benefited greatly from his family's experience and expertise, and has continued the tradition by creating fine Californian wines, with the style of Italian heritage. Michael and Mary Ann founded Michael Pozzan Winery in 1991, based in Oakville, California, in the heart of the Napa Valley. The winery produces six distinct and individual labels: Michael Pozzan, Annabella, Dante, Matthew Joseph, Giapoza, and Sailor's Grave. The Michael Pozzan Reserve wines, produced from grapes grown in the Napa and Sonoma regions, are of the finest quality and have won numerous medals and awards. Annabella wines, named to honor Michael Pozzan’s venerable grandmother, are hand sourced from select vineyards throughout the Sonoma and Napa valleys. The Dante and Matthew Joseph wine collections were inspired by Michael's travels through the Tuscan countryside and are named after Michael and Mary Ann's sons, Michael Dante Pozzan and Matthew Joseph Pozzan. The Giapoza wines celebrate the Pozzan family's newest member, Gianna Pozzan, and are crafted for the family table. Sailor's Grave is a rich red blend inspired by a Wisconsin native known only as, Byron, who helped aid the Allied forces in WWII."


    Select vineyards throughout the Sonoma and Napa valleys


    Napa Valley AVA represents over 100 soil variations of volcanic and marine origin.


    Grown from premier vineyards on the valley floor.


    The inspiration behind this wine is a man by the name of Byron Pozzan, and the resulting wine is as bold as his personality. A Wisconsin native born in the early 1920's, he left the farm at the age of 15 in search of a better life. Falsifying documents and lying about his age, he joined the Merchant Marines and traveled around the world visiting exotic ports. Byron embraced the sailor lifestyle and subsequently the tattoos that showed as a badge of honor. With each new port, a new experience and a new tattoo. He helped aid the Allied forces in WWII and, at times, was forced to sail through enemy waters to reach their port. One of those times, his ship was torpedoed, leaving Byron and a few sailors on a life raft in the pacific. Those who survived spent five days adrift at sea before being rescued.


    22 months in French Oak

    Tasting Notes

    Inky, dark purple with a subtle ruby hint. Aromas of pipe smoke and black cherry, saddle leather and a subtle bass note of richly roasted coffee. On the palate, layers of juice-dripping blackberries, dark chocolate, espresso, and a gentle hint of vanilla, all entwined around a core of pure, ripe fruit.

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