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    Domaine Eric Poli

    Niellucciu Rose

    France, Corsica, Île de Beauté


    Winery Overview

    In 2005, Eric Poli sold his interest in the family’s 75-acre Vin de Corse estate, Domaine de Piana, to his brother, Antoine. With the proceeds, he bought 7.4 acres (3 hectares) of old-vine Niellucio and Vermentino (aka Malvoisie de Corse) on the terraced Poggio d’Oletta in the heart of Patrimonio, the oldest and arguably best appellation on this mountainous Mediterranean island. An important factor in Eric’s decision was the fact that his wife, Marie-Brigitte, is the Owner/Director of Clos Teddi, the Patrimonio domaine founded by her father in 1970. Eric expanded Clos Alivu’s modest holdings with the purchase of 4.3 acres of vines in the commune of Santo Pietro di Tenda in 2012. Today, he manages Clos Alivu’s 11.7 acres of vines and the 86.5 acres of Clos Teddi. Eric has also assumed responsibility for the winemaking of both domaines, while Marie-Brigitte handles commercial affairs for the two companies. The brands are marketed separately outside of Corsica, but at home the Polis share a popular retail tasting room in the heart of the picturesque harbor village of Saint-Florent where they showcase the wines of both Patrimonio domaines. The boutique also features a full range of IGP Île de Beauté wines made from the 108 acres of vines Eric planted in 2007 near his hometown of Linguizzetta on the east coast of the island. Protected by the maritime influences of the Golfe de Saint-Florent, vines cultivated on the limestone soils of Patrimonio’s hillsides rarely require treatments of any kind, so Eric’s practices are essentially organic (though without certification). Niellucio, genetically linked to Sangiovese, thrives in this ideally situated inlet at the north end of the island, and when yields are limited, results in wines with more freshness and finesse than those made from its Tuscan cousin. Also, the fresh, aromatic whites made from Vermentino rival the best of Sardinia, Corsica’s neighbor to the south.


    Clos Alivu: 11.7 acres of vines total. 50+ year old vines on terraced slopes composed of unique calcareous limestone, clay, and schist mix called Petra Bianca. Manual harvest. Average 35 ha/hl yields. Patrimonio’s hillsides rarely require treatments of any kind, so Eric’s practices are essentially organic (though without certification).

    Domaine Eric Poli: 108 acres acres total in the commune of Linguizzetta: 42.2 acres Nielluccio, 21.2 acres Vermentino, 9.6 acres Syrah, 6.5 acres Sciaccarello, 3.7 acres Bianco Gentile – the balance planted to Muscat Petit Grain, Cinsault and Merlot (none of which are used for export).


    Rocky-clay mixture (argilo-caillouteux).


    42.2 acres Niellucciu. Combination of mechanical and manual harvests. Average 55 hectoliters/hectare yields.


    Total destemming. Temperature-controlled cuvaison of approximately three weeks. Selected yeast from Corsica Institute used for the whites and rosés. Fermentation for all wines takes place in temp-controlled stainless steel tanks. The rosés are produced entirely from direct press juice. No malo-lactic fermentation for whites and rosés. All wines bottled with light plaque filtration.

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