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    Slovenia, Goriska Brda, Goriska Brda in Slovenia


    Winery Overview

    Avia's continuing mission with their line of varietal wines is to deliver to our customers a broad selection of well-made, affordable and palate friendly imported wines. These wines are focused on product quality and consistency, are user friendly and are always at a comfortable price. With over two decades of experience and attentive-ness to the consumer, Avia aims to please. Avia Wines are an excellent choice for pairing with a broad range of foods and situations. Whether it is a quiet dinner at home for two or a banquet, Avia Wines will add delight to any occasion where wine is appropriate. The Colio and Brda area is perfect in terms of soil and climate to bring out the best qualities of the varieties grown. Avia Pinot Grigio is the fastest growing white wine in decades.


    All vineyards are located in Brda, Slovenia, which is halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.


    50 % in stainless steel 50% French Oak


    100 % in stainless steel

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