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    Domaine du Moulin

    Mauzac Methode Ancestrale Brut

    France, Southwest, AOP Gaillac


    Winery Overview

    For three centuries, the Hirissou family has owned and operated vineyards in Gaillac, deeply rooted in the land on both sides of the Tarn River. The first record of Hirissou family vines begins with Pierre Hirissou, who was born in 1827. Antoine Hirissou, born in 1855, took over as the second generation and grew the vineyard dramatically in his time. He was a prudent trader, manager and businessman, and constructed a cellar in the center of Gaillac. At a time when wine was a commodity as important as bread, Antoine stored three harvests-worth of wine, and everybody knew the Hirissou family would always have wine to sell! This enabled Antoine to continue selling his wine and keep the family business alive, even in years of bad harvest when wine became very rare. Jean Paul and Dominique Hirissou took over the family winery in 1976. As soon as they arrived, they chose to focus on increasing the quality of their wine with each vintage by sourcing the best soils in the area, building a new winery adapted to produce wines of great quality, and opening the doors for wine tourism. Nicolas Hirissou, their son, is now in charge. Upon returning from his studies in 2002, he was handed the keys to the winery and granted the ability to take control of Domaine du Moulin wine production. "For 15 years, I model, I try, I succeed, I miss, for one purpose: to make a great wine. My family and my two passions - falconry and Corsica - help me in this adventure to make a polyphonic wine." - Nicolas Hirissou Instagram


    Located on both banks of the Tarn, surrounding the historical town of Gaillac, the 38 hectares of the Domaine duMoulin combine two soils of high quality and original vines. The advantageous combination of the two lands produces both fat and fruity wines on clay-limestone soils, and finessed and tannic wines produced on gravelly soil. Great care is taken to work the soil and vine management in a reasoned way out of respect for nature. Thus, the constant search for balance allows the winery to bring a harvest of quality. A strict control of yields, 40 to 45 hectoliters per hectare, and even 25 hectoliters for red wine Florentin, followed by individual fermentation per plot, brings character to each finished wine.


    Vineyards sit on a hill of 100% limestone


    5500 vines/hectare. 40 hectoliters produced per hectare. Organic vineyard practices with hand harvest. The winery is currently undergoing the 3 year process of becoming certified Agriculture Biologique.


    The wine is fermented in the ancestral method of sparkling wine, so there is no dosage at any time. Fermentation begins in tank and once the wine reaches the desired alcohol level, the temperature of the tank is dropped down very quickly so that the yeasts "sleep," but do not die off. The wine is then bottled and capped and the temperature of the bottles is raised to 11 degrees Celcius. This causes the yeasts to wake up and continue fermenting, which produces gas & bubbles inside the bottle, but only with a single fermentation process. 1300 cases produced.


    The wine ages for 4 months in bottle.

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