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    Langhe DOC Favorita

    Italy, Piedmont, Langhe DOC


    Winery Overview

    Nestled amid the craggy ‘Rocche’ of Roero in Piemonte, the vineyard and its history, passed down from generation to generation, are part and parcel of the passion for making wine. Much has changed since the time of great-grandfather, and original owner, Stefano. Back then, most of the work took place in the vineyard and the sole objective was to produce as big a harvest as possible, to either sell outright or use to make wine for the family. Nowadays Monica and Daniela, Tibaldi sisters, have a thoroughly modern view of winemaking, while still maintaining custom and timeless tradition. They were born and raised with a love for winemaking. Stefano, their father, passed on his love of the land, the vines, and the life that revolves around them. In 2014, Monica and Daniela, decided to grown their winery together, and the Tibaldi Sisters are the new face of the company. They have honed skills and accumulated solid, practical experience thanks to Stefano, their father and Tunin, their grandfather. So, these qualities are the real business card to bring the family vineyard to a world-class level of excellence.


    Monica and Daniela look after each individual vine with the sole aim of producing excellent fruit. This enthusiasm and commitment mean there is little need for intervention in the cellar.
    All the work is done by hand with an eye to conserving environment and landscape.
    Tibaldi owns 7 hectares of vines, on a elevation about 250m above sea level. The vines are 30 years old on average. To maintain the freshness and mineralty characteristic of Tibaldi's white wines, the vineyard area sits on sandy soil, with north-west exposure. For red wines, the more calcareous land with a lower percentage of sand in a southern exposure is where vines grow to obtain longevity and structure.


    Sandy soil with limestone marl. Elevation of 250-330 higter


    100% Favorita from different vineyards at an elevation of 250-330m. Harvest generally takes place at the end of September, where the grapes are picked by hand and transported in 20 kg crates.


    The grapes are kept at very low temperatures to extract the best aromas from the skin. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16° C.


    The wine is left to mature ‘sur lie’ to develop structure and complexity.

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    James Suckling
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