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    Hobo Wine Company

    Folk Machine Gamay Noir Rosé Arroyo Seco

    United States, California


    Winery Overview

    The Hobo Wine Company is the brainchild, side job, menace to the wine industry, hedged bet, cash strain, mental anguish, late night musing, bruised hands, dirty t-shirts, and constant companion of Kenny Likitprakong. Despite knowing better, he started his own label in 2002 with the simple idea to have some good fun. Instead of becoming a hobo, Kenny became a “Hobo Winemaker.” With no winery, no vineyards, no truck, no warehouse, no employees, Kenny started making wine. He crushed the first grapes in 2002 at Hallcrest Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That year Kenny made the Dry Creek Zinfandel and the Dry Creek Port. Now, 2004, Kenny is 3 vintages into winemaking and produces about 500 cases a year. Kenny's Wine Labels include: Hobo: Kenny's first project! Vineyards specific to Sonoma County. Banyan Wines: A father and son project from Somchai and Kenny Likitprakong born out of a mutual passion for wine, their Thai heritage and an idea to combine the two. They produce appellation-specific California white wines that pair well with Asian cuisines. The Banyan philosophy is to use only sustainable and/or organically farmed grapes from vineyards in regions with microclimates ideally suited for the particular variety. Camp: Created by the Hobo Wine Co. in 2011 to showcase the quality and value of Sonoma County wine. They work with top growers and vineyard managers in high-quality and responsibly-farmed, vineyards throughout Sonoma County to produce delicious, approachable, and affordable wines. Like Hobo, the Camp wines employ native yeasts and malolactic bacterias for the primary and secondary fermentations without the use of commercial fermentation aids or additives. The wines are aged in real oak barrels and/or stainless steel tanks vs. alter natives or flavoring agents. Ghostwriter: Created to tap the potential of the Santa Cruz area AVAs. In early 2008, BrianWilkerson and Kenny Likitprakong took over the farming on two of old vineyard sites, the Woodruff Family Vineyard planted to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and The Aptos Creek Vineyard planted to Pinot Noir. They introduced sustainable farming to the vineyards and carried that through with natural winemaking in the cellar all in an effort to emphasize the sites and their individual terroirs. Folk Machine: A little more fun and experimental…this label comprises the more obscure vineyards and varieties i.e.Wine Company: In many years of partnership with Kenny, Lynn Wheeler sold wine with toddlers in tow, cleaned, inventoried, delivered, harvested, and cleaned again. In short, it was just time for Lynn to make her own wine. i.e. Wine Company represents Lynn’s efforts Workbook: Was named to acknowledge the work in progress of kegs generally and our quest to provide well-made honest wines at by-the-glass and house wine prices. he standard and ongoing offerings are blended non-varietal, vintage-dated, California White and Red table wines. Consistent with our entire line-up, the Workbook wines are sourced from Sustainable, Organic, or Biodynamic vineyards. The wines are made simply without added yeasts, bacterias, or other unnecessary additives and sulfur levels are kept to a minimum. The Way Back: A collaboration between Tim and Jenn Wanner (Colorado Wine peeps) and Kenny and Lynn Likitprakong (Hobo Wine Co., etc.) The project came to light over several family surf trips. No one has any real skills beyond making and selling wine, but they all wanted to do something together so came The Way Back.


    2nd vintage from Gamay grapes that result from a grafting and planting project in Arroyo Seco. Grapes were taken directly to press with just a minimal amount of skin contact. Natural and cool fermentation lets to a fresh and very vibrant Rose. This year Kenny chose the Antique Green bottle that contains a much higher percentage of recycled material compared to the clear flint bottle of last year. Only 359 cases produced.

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