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I’m sure there are people out there who disagree, but I truly believe there’s nothing more delicious in this world than a glass of some sweet wine on a hot day. Sure, the dry, oaky wines may be better suited for the palettes of sommeliers and oenophiles (aka an actual wine connoisseur, yes the two are different), but what’s not to love about drinking something that tastes like a dessert? Please refrain from answering if you’re one of those “savory >> sweet” people…

When you’re lounging on the beach in the grueling heat or hosting a summer BBQ, you won’t find yourself craving a chardonnay! You’ll want the sweet, refreshing taste of chilled rosé or a delish Moscato. Speaking of beaches, we think the second option on this list will be your new go-to for the next couple of months. And may I also suggest taking some of the canned options to the park with you the next time you play hooky?

Whether you’re into drinking sweet wines year-round or are firmly a summer-only sugary human, you’ll find the best sweet wines cash can buy below. Read (and drink!) on!

1. this adorbs hybrid drink – Roseade Cans

Why have I not been drinking this my whole life?? Rosé + lemonade = a true match made in heaven. You’ll soon find yourself ditching the spiked seltzers. (Yup, I said it!)

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